Science - Hot Apps, Cool Projects

Reference: "Hot Apps, Cool Projects Web 2.0 for Science" by Jim Holland and Susan Anderson

June 16, 8:30 to 3:30 in the Staff Development Center Lab 1

Teaching Learning

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Sites covered in our workbook:

Animoto -

Examples: Characteristics of Living Things; Energy Forms; Nature's Wrath; Foods We Eat From Plants; The Water Cycle

Big Huge Labs - Trading Cards -

Mixbook -

Examples: Biomes; Elements (Common Uses); Five Senses; Rock Cycle; Simple Machines

Scrapblog -

Examples: Butterfly Life Cycle; Electromagnetic Spectrum; Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers; Science Fair; States of Matter

Etherpad (oops - Google bought it out!)

Sites Not Covered in the book:

Wordle -

Examples: Obama speech on Oil Spill; ; Disaster Words

Brainstorming Tool -

Edistorm - sticky note collaboration Video

TitanPad - instant collaborative document (looks like PiratePad)

Make an easy path - -

Search mechanics:

Wolfram-Alpha search

Wolfram Mathworld


Flash Earth

Wildlife Film Maker - National Geographic

Health Map

Live Real-Time Satellite Tracking

Earth Album

Symphony of Science


Earthquakes in the Last Week

Visual Complexity (fractals made of facts)

Author Mapper

Encyclopedia of Life

Science Hack video search engine

Where Joel finds these sites? and type your search terms in the search box. I typed in "biology mashups"; "science mashups"

Inspirational Videos for Professional Development:

TED Talks

Imagine It!


iTunes podcasts

End of session evaluation can be found in Eduphoria!

Thank you for spending a summer day with me!