Math Resources

This page will include Math Resources broken down into categories by age-appropriateness.

Why use Web 2.0 tools to teach Science and Math? - Blog post
Mr. Reddy's Math Blog - resources for math teachers includes sites and books
iCoach Math - List of TEKs and corresponding interactives for each subject area

Math Teacher Blogs and Professional Learning Communities
David Wetzel's blog on Teaching Science and Math - Check the archives and previous posts for rich Math and Science resources! - The Nation's best practices from the best teachers
The Future's Channel - videos from innovators in the field of math, science, technology and engineering
EduBlogs.Tv - channel of teachers and resources for teaching. Use search box to find videos you can use.
Teachers.Tv - another site of channels for professional development and teaching

Video Tutorials
Yay Math! - List of videos made in classrooms to teach math concepts
Free Math Videos online - use the navigation bar on the left for subjects and then the lists below to link to math videos
Math A-Tube - video repository (like YouTube) of Math videos by subject and grade level
MathTV - videos of problem solving by various teachers; can create an account and make your own playlist - best practices by nation's best teachers
Math Motivation - Free Math videos and movies for life and career
MiniMovies for your SMART Board - lessons on making and finding mini-movies for SMART Boards
Brightstorm - over 2000 videos on teaching math - also some SAT, ACT tutorial videos as well!
BrainPop! Math - Movies and Interactives
WatchKnow - videos for kids to learn from by subject
MathVids - videos broken down by subject and grade level

Homework Helpers:
Discovery Education's WebMath - online tool to help students solve math problems
Discovery Education's Homework Helper
Illuminations - interactives for making math come alive
WatchKnow - videos for kids to learn from by subject

Interactives - Projectors - these are great resources for your projectors!
Finite Mathematics and Applied Calculus - online resources, tutorials, quizzes, and more
Visual Math Learning - Online interactives teaching math concepts
Mathematics Animated - Quicktime interactives on math concepts
National Library of Virtual Math Manipulatives - sort by grade and level
The interactive Maths Classroom - site has over 460 quality math interactives linked off the site
Virtual Protractor
That Quiz - Math test activities including interactive quizzes already set and running (available in spanish)
Interactives - Geometry - places Geometry and math in the real world
ChartGo - easy step-by-step for creating a chart
Math Starter of the Day - great introduction activity to open daily
Seeing Math Interactives
Geometry Toolbox - interactive whitespace includes tools and colors
Algebasics - online interactives
Utah Education Network - online interactives for grades 7-12

Interactives - Cell phones and mobile devices
10 Math Applications for the iPod Touch
iPlay Math Games - downloadable games for teaching math. Great for phones and iPods

Math Beyond the Classroom
XP Math - has interactives but also has a section on Math Careers
+Plus Magazine - resources give math a broader scope by going into philosophy and studies of math outside of just problem solving

Elementary and Junior High Resources:
EdHelper - Math worksheets, puzzles and printables by grade level
Math is Fun - interactives for teaching math and counting - Numbers and activities using numbering skills
Primary Math Interactives (Grades 4 & 5)
Middle School Math Interactives (Grades 6-8)
Math Excels - Teaching math using Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets
Teacher Zone - free math videos for grades 3-8
Harvey's SMART Math - interactive lessons using SMART Boards - navigation is at the top of the page

High School:
Algebra 1 Math Bits - Student Resources
Regents Prep Center: Algebra 1
Algebra 2 and Trigonometry Student Resources - Math Bits
NSDL Science Literacy Maps
Home School Math - Geometry