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Atomic Learning - 4 lessons: Google Docs, Google Presentations, Google Spreadsheets, Google Custom Search Workshop
Total time = 3:15
YouTube - search for "tutorial Google Docs" or "How do I.... Google Docs"
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Tips for Using:

Making Google Documents Work
Formulas in Google Spreadsheets

Classroom Projects:

Classroom Activities for Word Processing:
1. Create and share documents with other teachers to collaborate on lessons or projects.
2. Collaborate with others where you are tracking student progress across a team.
3. Access the same documents at home and work without a flash/thumb drive.
4. Check student work as their progress. Add comments or notes while the student is editing.
5. Share for peer-to-peer writing.
6. Write collaboration stories.
7. Take class notes that are shared to the entire group.
8. Collaborate with students in other classrooms worldwide.
9. Create online timetables for members of a group to work together and enter progress.

Classroom Activities for Google Presentations:
1. Allow students to have backchannel chats while working on a presentation.
2. Collaborate with each other to create a group presentation.
3. Peer-review and editing.
4. Create a "whole-class" presentation.
5. Create a photo slide-show and embed on a personal blog or other site.
6. Create presentations on any content area.
7. Develop an online portfolio of individual and/or class work.
8. Share presentations with family members outside the district.

Classroom Activities for Google Spreadsheets & Forms:
1. Keep track of student information or allow students to track their own information online.
2. Create class checksheets.
3. Calculate data.
4. Create electronic lesson plans and rubrics.
5. Collect information in a form to be used for charting data.
Emotion Graph - linear narrative emotion during a storyline
*Go back to iGoogle. Add the "Google Docs" gadget which will show a list of all your documents on your iGoogle site.

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