English - Writing

This page will include resources specific to teaching writing.

Primary Writers:
Spinner the Writing Spider - Click on a letter to see Spinner draw it out
Compare case - interactive where you roll the upper and lower case letters to match
Upper Case Pen - Pen on screen draws out the letters you click on and then voice sounds out the letter name
Lower Case Pen - Click on a letter to have it drawn on screen and then said by character

Resource sites:
Peter Lourie -Adventurer, Author and Educator - Mr. Lourie provides rich storytelling about his experiences all over the world. His profile in the February & March 2010 edition of Edutopia magazine features the "Build your own Multimedia Adventure" plan listed below.

Build your own Multimedia Adventure
You may not be able to take your students on a planetary discovery mission, but you can bring a planetary discovery mission to your students. Add music and images to your classroom writing exercise and see how exposure to virtual adventures will drive student imagination. These are also referred to as "Digital Storytelling" ideas.

Photos: Select photographs of a particular destination. Or find images that are clearly a faraway and magical place that will invite mindful exploration.

TrekEarth - High quality images from all over the world.

Music: Play music that clearly relates to the setting as the images are projected.

Microsoft Photostory 3 - Free software that lets you combine photos with music. Tutorials can be found in Atomic Learning.

Writing Exercise:
Have students begin by describing the setting they have just seen on the projector. Invite them to write about an adventure in this new land. This isn't a narrative, it can be an experience. Afterward, ask students to read their writing in class. Optional: discuss how many story options developed from the same multisensory prompts.