How to save an image from the web to your computer:
1. Make a folder for every project you start that will hold all your media.
2. Remember where you put this folder.
3. Make a document and save it in this folder - important for later.
3. Go to the web to find images (that are copyright-friendly).
4. Follow the video instructions below for saving but make sure to save them in the folder you created.
5. Copy and paste the URL or address of the website into the text document. This will be used for citing your sources later.

These are sites for accessing copyright-friendly images:

Pics 4 Learning - copyright-friendly images for education

Free Foto - Professional photographers sell their photos here but non-commercial users can use them off-line in school projects.

Flickr Creative Commons - The Creative Commons is the area of Flickr where photos are posted as copyright-friendly. The site states that inappropriate materials may not be posted but be careful anyway!

What is "Creative Commons"?

Public Domain Photo - Free, public domain photos. Heavy in category of landscapes and scenery.

Photo Home - Allen Matheson, a Texas photographer, has made his collections available to educators and students. - over 17,000 clip-art images.

Photos8 - High resolution photos and wallpapers. Must consider linking back to the site and crediting with "Photo courtesy of"

Library of Congress American Memory Museum

National Archives - More here than you can imagine and it keeps growing!

SHU Student Clip Art - hand-drawn art from students and teachers of Sam Houston State University

Free Pixels - Around 3500 photos that can be used in your projects.

Stock Xchng - Registration is free but email verification process. Commercial images shown first so scroll down.

Karen's Whimsy - Images from pre-1923 that are in the public domain.

Public Domain Pictures - Free public domain images.

Free Digital Photos - All photos are free for corporate or personal use.

Photo Xpress - high quality, royalty free image bank.

Clipart Etc. - Use up to 50 images in a single, non-commercial project without further permission.

Stock Vault - stock photo sharing

Morgue File - Free photo reference archive