Apps for Phones

This page will contain information specific to using cell phones and iTouch/iPods in the classroom.

Apps defined:

The word "apps" is a shortened version of the word "applications" and an app is a software application designed to run on mobile technology devices. Apps are closely associated with the iPod/iPhone products but apps are available for a multitude of smart mobile devices. Different phone/mobile devices use their own "stores" for selling or making apps available for download to their specific devices. Some apps will work on specific devices due to proprietary control of the device manufacturer and the software running as the operating on the device. Google Android Phones have their own apps compared to Blackberry devices and compared to Apple devices. So when you are looking at apps for your device, make sure they are compatible with the device you use.

TCEA 2010 List - This list was put together by a community of tech directors, teachers, librarians, educators, etc. to showcase BY SUBJECT - Apps for Education. - blog which reviews Education ONLY apps by subject

Best of 2009 Back to School Apps for iPhone/iTouch

PC Magazine's list of Apps - At the top of the page, choose iPhone and then use navigation on the middle-left side of the screen to select "Education" for a list of apps. You can sort by the features across the top of the page.